Self-Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe


Tradie Tips: How Self Storage Gives Your Tools and Parts a Home

If you've just started work as an independent tradie, then you probably work out of your home and your van. While this is a great way to keep costs low during your start-up phase, it does give you some headaches. For example, it may be hard to find enough storage space for your tools and spare parts. Your home may not be big enough to store all this stuff. You can lea

Should Your Storage Shed Be Made From Metal?

Every residential property can benefit from a shed. Whether you want a designated workshop or need room for your belongings that are cluttering your house, a storage shed is a perfect solution. Nevertheless, once you decide to have a shed erected on your property, you then need to determine what material will be best for this structure. And while there is a wide selec

How to Save Your Money When Renting a Self-Storage Unit for Long-Term Use

Choosing the right self-storage unit for your needs isn't easy. If you are going away long-term, you'll need to know that your belongings are properly stored. However, storing things in a unit for a long time can often become quite pricey. There are many things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your storage unit without having to pay an unnecessarily high p

What Happens When Baby Boomers Decide to Downsize

Are you one of the millions of baby boomers who are starting to think about retirement and planning the shape of their future? If so, you may realise that your current home is larger than your needs and you may be considering a downsize so you can make ends meet more effectively. As you do this, you may be working out how much you can save in terms of utility costs, m

Cool Room Installations: How Roller Doors Save Space in Small Kitchens

If you're setting up a new restaurant on a tight budget, then you may have leased a small space to keep costs low. Most of your space is likely to be allocated for the front of house, leaving you with a small kitchen. While you don't have reservations about having a small kitchen, you do have a lot of things to put in that area. Your main headache at the moment may be