Self-Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe

3 Fantastic Alternative Uses For Storage Units

The storage unit market in Australia has been booming for the past few years, and its industry is now valued at approximately $1.2 billion. However, many homeowners are still unaware of the various—and lucrative—ways in which they can make use of storage units, beyond moving needs. A storage unit can help you optimise your business's performance, de-clutter your home to facilitate its sale, or create a mini-gallery for your brand.

Using A Storage Unit As A Design Canvas

If you're an interior design or art fanatic, you may be looking for a space to display your work. Your space will have to be arranged solely for aesthetic appeal, rather than the functionality of living space. Therefore, if you do not currently have an extra room readily available, you may want to rent out a storage unit.

You can dress up this unit as you please and even make minimal structural changes such as the installation of shelving and alternative lighting. You can use the privacy of this space to work on your art and use the photos you take to create an online gallery.

De-cluttering Your Home For An Easier Sale

When selling a home, it is often advised to have enough furniture present to maintain a homely feel and to clear enough free space to allow prospective clients to picture themselves in the space. If you're currently living in the home you are attempting to sell, renting out a storage unit will allow you to take some furniture out of your home and place them in safekeeping.

The freed space will allow you to take more convincing, space-enlarging shots for advertisement and listing purposes. It will also allow you to host home-viewings without your prospective buyers having to deal with crowded spaces and tiptoeing around each other. This will also enable your packing and moving to be much easier when the time comes.

Creating Your Own Gym

Many adults may hesitate to go to the gym out of fear of being watched or judged as they work out. Instead, you can fill your storage space with home and professional workout equipment. In this space, you can comfortably do your exercises and stretches without dealing with anybody's presence.

This is a particularly good option if you are looking to improve your fitness but are dealing with small children at home and struggle to find the space and time to focus on your workouts. Make sure that your chosen unit has appropriate ventilation for comfortable exercising. 

For more information on storage solutions, reach out to a storage service.