Self-Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe

3 Tips to Prepare Your Clothes Before You Pack Them Up for a Storage Shed

A self storage unit is a versatile tool. Whether you need a place for your belongings while you head overseas for a while, or if you just want to declutter your house without permanently giving away your things, a storage shed keeps it all safe. As someone who has never used a self storage unit before, you might wonder how best to pack up your clothing. You want to make sure your clothes are still in good condition when you retrieve them at a later time. Use these three tips to prepare your clothes for a stay in storage.

Wash Clothes Before Storing

Even if an item of clothing looks clean, that does not mean it is. Odours and oils trapped in the fabric fibres may not be so obvious now, but they will be impossible to remove after a long stay in a storage unit. Wash all clothing before it gets packed for storage, and make sure it is completely dry too. Damp clothing grows mould which is very difficult to remove later. Once clean and dry, then you can think about packaging.

What Packing Choices?

When it comes to the way you pack up your clothing for storage, the length of time in storage makes a difference to the way it is packed, so consider these three thoughts:

Add Cedar Balls

Traditionally, mothballs are used to keep moths away from clothing fabric. However, these are laced with chemicals, and they can stain your clothes over time. An alternative that you can buy at department and hardware stores are cedar balls. These wooden balls are natural, smell natural, and they are an insect and moth deterrent. Make sure you place a couple of these in each of your clothing storage bins.

Now that you know how to pack up your clothing for storage, it's time to go through your clothes and decide which goes into storage, and which gets donated to charity. Let the packing begin!