Self-Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe

Tradie Tips: How Self Storage Gives Your Tools and Parts a Home

If you've just started work as an independent tradie, then you probably work out of your home and your van. While this is a great way to keep costs low during your start-up phase, it does give you some headaches. For example, it may be hard to find enough storage space for your tools and spare parts.

Your home may not be big enough to store all this stuff. You can leave it in your van, but this is a worry. Even if you have secure locks, someone could break into the van and take all your stuff. Plus, if you have a lot of tools and equipment and you buy parts in bulk to save money, then your van may not be big enough to hold everything.

If you're short on space but aren't at the stage where you can hire workspace, then a self-storage unit could be the answer. What are the benefits? 

Easy Storage Space

If keeping your stuff at home isn't feasible because you don't have room, or your partner is going mental over the mess, then hiring a self-storage unit gives you a specific place to keep essential work stuff. Self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes; most have 24/7 access. It's easy to find a space big enough to hold all your tools, equipment and parts. Plus, if you accumulate more stuff as you build your business, you can switch to a bigger unit.

Secure Storage Space

Keeping your tools, equipment and parts in your van isn't the most secure option. Thieves often target tradie vehicles because they know they may have valuable stuff in them that they can sell on easily. Even though your insurance covers you for theft, the gap between losing your stuff and getting money to replace it could affect your business. You can't work without tools and parts. Buying replacements before you get your insurance payment may be a step too far.

Self-storage units are a more secure option. Many sites have high-quality external and internal security. So, for example, to get to your unit, someone would have to break in through an external entrance, the entrance into the storage building and then your unit. You're usually the only person who has a key or access code to your unit.

If self-storage looks like a good way to manage your tradie storage problem, then contact some local sites and ask them about their units.