Self-Storage: Keeping Your Things Safe

How to Save Your Money When Renting a Self-Storage Unit for Long-Term Use

Choosing the right self-storage unit for your needs isn't easy. If you are going away long-term, you'll need to know that your belongings are properly stored. However, storing things in a unit for a long time can often become quite pricey. There are many things you can do to ensure you get the most out of your storage unit without having to pay an unnecessarily high price for it.

The cheapest solution isn't always the best

Choosing the right company is essential to save money on your storage unit. It's not just about choosing the cheapest one, as they might not fulfil your needs in other areas. Choosing a company close to you can be something to consider, as you will be saving money by not having to travel very far when you're filling or emptying your unit. A cheaper company further away can become more expensive by adding the costs of travel. It's also possible that a company is charging you more to offer you more extensive insurance, which might be something you want to pay a little extra for.

Discounts for long-term renting

Also, make sure the company you're going to choose offers advantages for the people who are looking for long-time storage solutions. Some companies offer discounts for long-term storage in general, but some might offer a discount if you pay the cost for the entire time you're renting it in advance. Paying the fee for a year of renting in advance can be a large one-time expense, but it can save you money in the long run. It can also save you a lot of trouble with down payments while you're abroad, when you might not have access to all of the devices you need to make a payment.

Utilise the space given

The size of the storage unit can contribute a lot to an elevated price. Making sure you don't get a bigger unit than you need might turn out to be a money saver. Proper packing is the most important thing to minimise the space your items take up. Stack your boxes all the way up to the ceiling to fully utilise all the space your storage unit is giving you. Pack heavy things in boxes to put in the bottom for a stable base, and there shouldn't be a problem stacking lighter boxes as high as you want. Also, make sure you use all the space that is given to you. Empty refrigerators and bins are such spaces that can be used to store smaller items.

Contact a self-storage facility in your area for additional information.