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Cool Room Installations: How Roller Doors Save Space in Small Kitchens

If you're setting up a new restaurant on a tight budget, then you may have leased a small space to keep costs low. Most of your space is likely to be allocated for the front of house, leaving you with a small kitchen.

While you don't have reservations about having a small kitchen, you do have a lot of things to put in that area. Your main headache at the moment may be how to get your cool room in your kitchen without reducing available space. How can installing a cool room with a roller door help?

Free up Working Space

If you install a cool room with an outward opening door, you need to leave space outside the room for the door to open. This affects how you organise your kitchen equipment and work areas, as you can't have anything blocking the door's opening footprint. This footprint eats into your available kitchen space by making some of it unusable.

Roller doors open up vertically. They roll into their holding mechanism at the top of the door where they sit until they are closed again. This kind of door doesn't take up any space in front of the cool room. Plus, your staff don't need much space to get into the door. They just need enough room to stand in front of it and roll it up. This gives you more space to fit your kitchen out the way you want it.

Free up Wall Space 

If you have a small kitchen, then wall space is important. You may be planning to put shelves, storage units or appliances along your walls. Some cool room doors block access to walls as well as working areas. For example, an outward opening door may limit what you can have on the wall behind the door when it opens.

Sliding doors are also problematic. Although their actual footprint is small, they take up wall space to one of their sides. These doors slide along a wall when they open and sit on the wall until they're closed. You can't use this wall space for anything else. Again, roller doors solve this problem as they don't use any wall space at all.

If you're short on space and want to learn more about roller doors, talk to your cool room installation company. They can show you examples of doors and explain how they might work in your kitchen.